(024) I’m not racist…but…

LOL…I love it when my white brothers and sisters start their upcoming diatribe with those words…”I’m not racist..but…”
It’s code for…let me tell you what I don’t like about a certain race. LOL.

Anyway, I’m not racist but this is kinda cool/crazy/weird.  I grew up in Northern Montana with Native Americans and Caucasians…not a lot of other races there.

So I know how it feels to be generalized or stereotyped.  I’m used to it.  What follows may be a generalization but it’s just my observation while I’ve been out here.

In the US you meet people (white) and they always have a cool story. “well, on my mom’s side my grandfather was Irish and my grandmother was German, on my father’s side we’re a Heinz 57, Swedish, Italian, German and I think my great grandmother was a Cherokee princess”  I never know how to respond to these comments, I guess a response is not needed.  It’s just their way of validating who they are?  It’s easy for me and my type of people….well…my grandparents were native american and so were their parents/etc.

Now onto my “I’m not racist, but” comment.  A majority of the people out here have really strong identifying facial features.  I mean, they’re not all identical but you can definitely tell that they’re Northern European people.  Back home, a lot of my white friends are just…white.  Kind of a random, generic looking whiteness.  Nothing wrong with that, please don’t think I’m saying that there’s anything wrong with it.  The USA is the great melting pot of the world and we should be proud of that.  Some people can easily trace their roots back to a specific part of the world and others don’t know or don’t care.  But I do have some contacts back home, contractors, engineers, just random friends who now I feel I can recognize as looking very “Northern European”.

I was in Tallinn and later in Helsinki and just saw so many people that looked very “similar”.  Maybe because I’m new here, just visiting, just passing-through and without spending so much time I’m falling into that trap where somebody says “well..they all look the same to me”.  Maybe if i spent more time here I’d be able to fully discern the subtle differences of the local/native people out here.

P.S.  Everyone has their idea of beauty and there have been scientific studies done about proportions and geometry of the human face and what people tend to think is beautiful…having said that, it’s weird…there seems to be a lot of naturally beautiful people out here.  Maybe it’s the fresh air and clean living?  I don’t know.  Feel free to comment and call me a racist. 🙂

P.P.S.  Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  We’re all beautiful in our own ways.  Be nice today and tell your husband/wife/mother/daughter/friends/etc that they’re beautiful.


(023) The Sky Is Falling

While working outside today, i heard a sound from the studio that is being remodeled…like a crack or a snap.

I looked up in time to see a little piece of wood bounce off of the roof down to the ground. It was a sawn piece of a branch about 4″ long and 1.5″ in diameter.  There is no tree canopy over the studio…so it wasn’t from a tree (plus..it was sawn…).  There are no little things like this on the roof. Weird. Could a bird really have carried it awhile and dropped it out of the sky?

later tonight, Wayne and I were sitting by the fire jibber-jabbering after a nice, long work day and all of a sudden we hear this gritty, sliding sound.

Investigated the back side of the main residence and one of the Soviet-era concrete-asbestos corrugated roofing panels had slid down! One of the nails had rusted away and i guess it was just being held in place via friction!

The eaves are pretty deep and of course there isn’t a ladder here. We used the saw horses as some lumber to make a stand for me. I was able to get up there and re-hang the panel. Weird tho, in an area with so much snow you’d think they’d overlap the panels more. Only one corrugation overlap. And a couple of shitty nails per panel.

Here’s a pic i found online…many, many structures here are roofed with this stuff.


So yeah…the sky is falling.

P.S. in rural areas previously occupied by Soviet Russia, don’t stand under the fall line of steep pitched roofs!!

(022) More Construction

Wayne helped me hang some floor joists.  We found some pretty thin T&G OSB decking that we’ll use for the subfloor.  The entire structure isn’t level so our joists look funny but they’re actually level.

we’re still using hand tools and it really sucks. LOL but it’s fun.



20170511_030424Luckily we found a chalk-line thingy and it had a cool little level thing that slides along the string.

20170511_030554About 2.5 cm low 😦

20170511_093613after…try to finish the rest tomorrow. 🙂

(021) How Shocking!!

Bought a step down transformer today (not an Autobot) for about 150 Euros.  I have a Diamond Pacific grinding/polishing machine for my lapidary work.  The power out here is 230 Volts and the machine runs on 115.  The stepdown transformer is used so I can run my machine.

It’s a POLYLUX PD800 from Spain…I think it’s from Spain.  It’s pretty heavy.


Speaking of electricity…on the radio there is sometimes “fake news” (not like trump stuff) but like humorous news reports.  One last night said a couple of burglers broke into an electric company and stole 200 volts…they later apprehended the suspects, one had 100 volts on his belly and the other had 8 volts under his chin..they don’t know where the remaining volts are… (out here…a volt is like a roll of  fat)..like a double chin and belly-rolls. LOL

(019) Estonian Birthday

It was my birthday yesterday.

I don’t think I’ve ever had a birthday out of the states.  Couldn’t sleep all night so i came out to check on the job site.

0 degrees Celsius and it’s snowing.

Can’t sleep.

(018) Almost Famous

Near the meat department at the grocery store i visit they have fresh- cooked, real food. No preservatives…just good good food.  I usually ask, “what’s that?” And end up getting some meat and potatoes dish. Anyway, the lady that’s there sometimes is always nice..i have no idea what she’s saying because she only speaks very few English words but we manage to figure what we’re saying to each other so i can grub.

Earlier yesterday, i saw her somewhere else, maybe the home improvement store…i said hello and she smiled really big and said something in Estonia…the only word that sounded familiar was “autogram”.

i had someone translate and they said that she wanted my autograph.