(004) Departure (take two)

Back to SFO Friday morning for a flight on British Airways.
Total Luggages: 15 suitcases (50 pounds each) and 2 guitars, 1 bass….let’s try this again.

Flight originally booked through Finnair with the first leg on American. New flight is direct from SFO to Heathrow on British Airways.  After about 4 hour layover there, then it’s a  direct flight to Tallinn (about 2.5 hours)

Previous extra baggage charges on American was to be $75.00 per extra bag.  I didn’t think about checking if there was a difference for British Airways…


After loading all luggage the lady said, “that’ll be $2,500 please…100 for the first and 200 each additional”….
I can’t remember, but I think I just stood there and blinked a couple of times.  It took a second to realize that she was just standing there waiting for me to pay.  I snapped back into reality and explained my situation how the flight was originally booked through Finnair and extra baggage was just 65 per bag!!  I told her I needed to get on this plane and she click-clacked on her keyboard and said that she could help me out…i was thinking she’d take off a few hundred dollars.  She said, “I can let you go with $900 for everything”.
If I was a better dancer I think I would’ve busted a move right there! I was so happy.  Actually all of the workers on British Airways were amazing.  It was an easy process to check in, pay for luggage and board.  If you fly abroad, I would definitely recommend British Airways. (I’m not a frequent flyer by any means…so I really have no way to judge if they were good or not.  I just had a very nice experience).

luggage take 2Time to fly.


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