(006) Landing in Tallinn

Landed at the Tallinn airport at about 8:30 pm (I think).  Took all 18 pieces of luggage from the carousel (15 suitcases and 3 guitar cases) and waited.  Prior to arriving had emailed someone to purchase a vehicle here.  LOL.  The guy finally showed up and paid about $1,200 dollars for an old ford galaxy van.  It was dark out so I couldn’t really see what the van was all about. LOL.  Took it for a test spin and figured ‘what the hell’.  I need a vehicle with storage space (too much luggage).  I couldn’t say no to the guy because then I’d be stuck at the airport with everything….so I counted out the cash and signed a few pieces of paper and the airport people helped me load everything. It was quite an ordeal.

vanPeople that know-know me…they know that I don’t give a shit what kind of car I drive.  Never thought I’d own a van but here I am.  Here’s my sweet ride. LOL

dogThis guy was on the driver side/back window.  His twin was on the passenger side/back window.  I guess it’s my European Spirit Animal now. LOL

new-car-smellThis was hanging from the rear-view mirror….the van smelled very un-like a new car.  It smelled like a mechanic’s car. LOL.  Hopefully it lasts while I’m here.


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