(003) Departure (take one)

First leg of the trip was a five hour and forty-five minute flight from SFO to JFK on 4/20 at 7:20 am.  After an hour-and-a-half layover in New York was an eight hour and ten minute flight to Helsinki.  After about a three-and-a-half hour layover there I would have a 30 minute flight to Tallinn, the capitol of Estonia.

I rented a dodge caravan on Wednesday and loaded 13 pieces of luggage, each weighing the max allowable 50 pounds.  650 pounds total weight moved down my stairs and hefted into the van.  Played real-life tetris trying to arrange all suitcases in the van.  It was a difficult job.

The flight was purchased directly through Finnair but the first leg was on American Airlines.  Because of this fact, I could not pay for extra luggage online.  I had to physically be there with all 13 suitcases.  I decided to go late Tuesday night and check in/pay for extra luggage.  After pulling up to the departure area and unloading all pieces of luggage I parked the van.  (I hate airports, they’re very confusing and scary to me…so of course I got lost a couple of times).  As I returned to my huge pile of luggage, I decided to check my email.  YOU HAVE BEEN REBOOKED!!!

The email stated because of a lack of staffing, I had been rebooked for a Friday flight on British Airaways!!!  I went directly to the American Airlines staff and tried to complain/see what could be done to get me on this damn flight!!  Nothing.

Got the van, reloaded 650 pounds of luggage and drove back to Sacramento in the middle of night in the driving rain.  Got back to the apartment and loaded all 650 pounds back up the stairs and into the house.  Drove to Enterprise car rental and left the van there with the keys in the after-hours drop box.  Hailed a LYFT and went home, beat down.
It was still raining.

Silver Lining:  time to buy 1 more suitcase and pack more things and also decided to take an acoustic guitar, an electric guitar and a bass.

Slept like a got damn baby.




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