(010) Adventure

Decided I should take a walk today.  Found this path in the forest that led to this weird/straight grove of trees and followed it to a small village.  There was a little inn there and I had the place to myself.  Ordered a coffee (yes, I know, I DON’T DRINK COFFEE).  It was a nice place to just chill out and relax.  Weird to not have a cell phone here.  Well…i have a cell phone but I shouldn’t use it…not sure what my bill will be. LOL.

Spring is late in coming here; I heard at this time of the year all of the early spring flowers are in bloom and the forest floor is full of color.  Because of the late spring, it’s still chilly and I use the fireplace for heat.  I needed more firewood.  So far I’ve been purchasing it at the gas station for 5 Euros for a bag of it.  On the walk home I passed a young man who sells firewood.  He loaded up his truck and we went back to my place.  I paid 30 euros for this wood.  If I ‘eyeball’ the amount, it seems like it could be about 80 Euros worth from the gas station.  Stacked it up in what was the old sheephouse.

Storm warning for tonight…glad I got the firewood.

The straight grove.

“MUST” means Black
“JALGA” means Leg or Foot
You can say that “MUSTJALA” means Blackfeet.  (I do anyway) LOL

03Street sign, I think??!! Place is too small to have that many streets.
The Inn where I had my coffee is in the background.

04It was a nice place.  No one there tho…(off-season, i guess).
Looked through the guestbook…there were some signatures from people from America!

A nice table made out of an old wooden door with a tempered glass top.
Yes…that’s the coffee….I DON’T DRINK COFFEE!!!!

06Reppin’ the 406 in North Europe.  Drinkin’ that Coffee. 😦

07The old sheep-house.

0830 Euros worth of fire wood….spring is late and it’s still chilly out!!

09After clearing a space…time to stack.

10Will get another 30 Euro’s worth tomorrow.  That should get me through until spring.


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