(011) Radio Estonia!!

So…I’m old and I love my classic rock.  I don’t really use headphones or earbuds.  I left a stack of CD’s in America and really don’t know why I still have them?!?!
I’ve been here for just under a week and the radio is killing me.  It’s always a couple people speaking Estonian together.  Or one channel has problems deciding which format it is…one second is a weird Estonian cover of “Like a Rock” by Bob Seger but with their own lyrics and the next second it’s someone like Lourde (or whatever her name is).  Once, the song “All By Myself” was on this station, the music was the same but the lyrics they sang were something like “i dont’ know you…but i want to know you”…or something like that.  LOL I find myself singing along but using the familiar, original lyrics.

Also, if a song is on and it’s time for the news…it doesn’t matter if the song just started or if it’s halfway through, the news comes first so there are a few beeps on the radio and the song just stops and the news starts (see video below).

If you read my previous post, you’ll know that I bought this piece of shit van from some dude at the airport for just over 1,200 Euros. I’ve never had a van before, let alone a piece of shit van…so today I was driving down the road and this weird cover of “TEQUILA!” was on the radio…all of a sudden it started beeping. I didn’t know if the van was about to blow up or what the hell was happening!! Either way, it was at my turn off of the road so I thought I better clear out!!
I was ready to ditch the van…open the door and tuck and roll my ass outta there!!
I really thought something was gonna blow!!

LOL!!Scared the shit outta me!


6 thoughts on “(011) Radio Estonia!!

  1. Hahahahah, You cut the video too soon…. I wish you would have slammed on the breaks and threw it in Park… Hurled out a few expletives and then shook the video up and down as you were trying to get away…. Hmmmm on second thought… That may look a bit staged. Anyway, funny stuff.

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