(014) The Pickiest Eater in the World

So all of my friends know how picky I am.  I could live on meat and potatoes for the rest of my life. Throw in some tacos and pizza and I’m good.

Lately (back home) I’ve been trying to cut back on fast food and eating out for dinner.  However, almost every day, Me and Corey (lunch brother) would go out to lunch.  It was sometimes difficult to pick a place because I’m so picky.

fast foward to today.

I’m eating baby moose meat for dinner. LOL.
I’m not sure if I should feel bad…how old was this “baby moose” when they decided it was time to eat him?!?  Anyway, it’s really good.

Also, this is probably weird for you….but I go to the store…buy an apple and eat it.
Here…you pick them off of the tree and eat them.  You know the book-worms? they always show worms with a little hat on them and reading glasses? Maybe a nice scarf too?  I was like…hmm…this apple came directly from a tree…I’m absolutely positive I’m going to eat a worm.  I was told “if it has worm holes, it’s a good apple….if it’s good enough for the worm, it’s good enough for you”
yes…sure…fine..but…..where did the damn worm go? I really don’t want to eat a worm!!

(sidenote…yesterday I think I was almost invited to sauna….did I already tell you guys about “SAUNA”??)
(you gotta get naked) LOL


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