(015) Keepin’ busy

Like I said in Facebook, I don’t miss the 8-5 job and I actually don’t even know what day it is when I’m here, nor what time it is.  Life right now just isn’t like that.

There’s an existing post and beam structure on the site with a ‘board on board’ roof.  A few minor leaks but nothing that can’t be fixed.  There is no exterior walls all around this structure.  Just temporary plastic and tarps to keep out the driving rain.

I think it might be done raining so I started on the west wall.  Got up really early and relocated some existing boards that were on the ground.  They were filled with nails so it took some time taking all of those out.  I don’t want to step on a rusty nail.

After that I decided to start framing up the exterior walls (everything is in metric)….my studs are 100mm x 50mm.  I asked the guy at the lumber place what they space their studs at on center here in Northern Europe.  He said they use the width of the insulation. LOL.  So i found some insulation that is 565 mm wide.  Soooooo….I guess that’s how far apart the studs will be. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

The only power tool I have available to me is a little, rechargeable electric drill.  I have to use a really shitty wood saw to cut the studs to length. 😦  My little right arm is pretty sore right now and it takes *FOREVER*…

crazy…stud spacing based on insulation width. LOL
(To be fair, the guy didn’t speak English and I don’t speak Estonian…but that’s kind of what we figured out together, through a lot of drawing simple pictures and pointing around the room with our hands) LOL

Anyway, here are a couple of videos…don’t laugh, i’m an architect, not a contractor!!!





9 thoughts on “(015) Keepin’ busy

  1. This is awesome. Weird to hear that they just space the studs at whatever width the insulation is. That seems insane. For a load bearing wall you’d think they’d want to be as close to 16″ (whatever that is in metric). You’re at about 24″ right now which is also a standard for some people, I guess. Great post. favorite one so far.

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    • Thanks, it was pretty rough due to the shape of the existing structure. Seriously…Nothing is true or level. So my work might look wonky but I have a level handy and things are left and right and up and down to the world…it just looks weird on this particular structure. Once the board and batten siding is up, no one will notice a thing.
      Thanks for checking in, i really appreciate it…
      it’s like…a loneliness rescue. LOL


      • I’ll tell you what, the fact that you’re using what sounds like a dull hand saw to cut those studs is insane. It looks pretty damn accurate. I wish I could ship you one of my circular saws and a speed square. It might help a little bit LOL.

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      • We got 230Volt and 50Hz power out here. It’ll spin your saw too fast and cut my arm off. LOL
        For any american tools or items with motors I’ll need a step down transformer. Or it’ll spin too fast or burn out the motor.
        for non-motor items a simple adapter is fine. I even heard of one crazy guy using a dimmer switch as his transformer. I’m not smart (or stupid) enough to try that out!!
        (mathematically, i guess it would make sense…but you gotta be dialed in, i think)



  2. Hey, did you get a permit for that residential construction? Looks like you may need a structural engineer to calc out the shear and provide a nailing plan for those shear walls!

    Hurry up and finish the project so I can enjoy my hard work of watching your videos!

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