(017) Are You Going to Shoot Me?!?

Was in Kuressaare this afternoon.  It’s about 45 minutes from me.  Compared to where I’m staying, it’s the big city.

I was sitting outside of the library enjoying a smoke (i know…i know)…and a local guy comes up and kinda looks at me…looks away…looks at me…almost in my personal space.  Looks like he has something to say so i say “tere”…i think it means ‘hello’.  He finally says, “where are you from?”  I reply, “America”. He takes a couple steps back and exclaims, “you like guns!!” Then he does his best Pacino “say hello to my little friend” imitation, smiles and looks at me for approval.  I just look and he gets all serious…”are you going to shoot me?”

He asked again if i loved guns.  I explained that yes, a lot of Americans like their guns but unfortunately, I’m not one of them….lol.  I think this put him at ease.

He then looks beyond me…to the back of me towards the grocery store entrance.  He says quietly to me, “they are Finnish”.  I asked if their height gave them away and he looks back at me all serious and says, “no, i have an uncommon natural ability to recognize all Finnish people”

My bus was arriving so i had to leave him there.

(are you going to shoot me?)


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