(021) How Shocking!!

Bought a step down transformer today (not an Autobot) for about 150 Euros.  I have a Diamond Pacific grinding/polishing machine for my lapidary work.  The power out here is 230 Volts and the machine runs on 115.  The stepdown transformer is used so I can run my machine.

It’s a POLYLUX PD800 from Spain…I think it’s from Spain.  It’s pretty heavy.


Speaking of electricity…on the radio there is sometimes “fake news” (not like trump stuff) but like humorous news reports.  One last night said a couple of burglers broke into an electric company and stole 200 volts…they later apprehended the suspects, one had 100 volts on his belly and the other had 8 volts under his chin..they don’t know where the remaining volts are… (out here…a volt is like a roll of  fat)..like a double chin and belly-rolls. LOL


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