(022) More Construction

Wayne helped me hang some floor joists.  We found some pretty thin T&G OSB decking that we’ll use for the subfloor.  The entire structure isn’t level so our joists look funny but they’re actually level.

we’re still using hand tools and it really sucks. LOL but it’s fun.



20170511_030424Luckily we found a chalk-line thingy and it had a cool little level thing that slides along the string.

20170511_030554About 2.5 cm low 😦

20170511_093613after…try to finish the rest tomorrow. 🙂


7 thoughts on “(022) More Construction

    • I’m not sure what it was ever intended to be. When i found it, it was just post and beam….i think about 6 meters long by almost 4 meters wide with a board on board roof. No walls at all. It just had plastic and tarps stapled in some places and nailed in others.
      Other than the gable ends there are 3 roof trusses inside. Someone had laid flat and nailed down a bunch of 150mm x 50mm boards as a sort of floor above the bottom chords of 2 of the roof trusses.
      This wood bows and cups along its length so we have to be picky for our floor joists. But we can go crazy with them for wall framing because of its not plumb we’ll just furr it out with shims or strips. (that’s the plan, anyway).
      it is cool to be able to use everything we find. Eventually someone’s gonna have to throw down some Euros for roofing material and interior wall and ceiling panels. Probably cheap spruce tongue and groove material.

      Long answer to the question.
      Tldr: i don’t know what it was for.


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    • When people but an old car or old fixer-upper house, they might say, “it doesn’t look like much but it has good bones”.
      not in this case.
      It’s about 6 meters long and 4 meters wide. Once complete it’ll be a working studio with a little loft upstairs accessible via a ceiling hatch.


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