(023) The Sky Is Falling

While working outside today, i heard a sound from the studio that is being remodeled…like a crack or a snap.

I looked up in time to see a little piece of wood bounce off of the roof down to the ground. It was a sawn piece of a branch about 4″ long and 1.5″ in diameter.  There is no tree canopy over the studio…so it wasn’t from a tree (plus..it was sawn…).  There are no little things like this on the roof. Weird. Could a bird really have carried it awhile and dropped it out of the sky?

later tonight, Wayne and I were sitting by the fire jibber-jabbering after a nice, long work day and all of a sudden we hear this gritty, sliding sound.

Investigated the back side of the main residence and one of the Soviet-era concrete-asbestos corrugated roofing panels had slid down! One of the nails had rusted away and i guess it was just being held in place via friction!

The eaves are pretty deep and of course there isn’t a ladder here. We used the saw horses as some lumber to make a stand for me. I was able to get up there and re-hang the panel. Weird tho, in an area with so much snow you’d think they’d overlap the panels more. Only one corrugation overlap. And a couple of shitty nails per panel.

Here’s a pic i found online…many, many structures here are roofed with this stuff.


So yeah…the sky is falling.

P.S. in rural areas previously occupied by Soviet Russia, don’t stand under the fall line of steep pitched roofs!!


4 thoughts on “(023) The Sky Is Falling

    • I’m in a very remote, sparsely populated area. Like northern Montana but instead of driving 30 minutes between towns…you drive 30 minutes between small, small villages.
      I wasn’t a very good student in world history so it was kinda cool to see huge buildings spread around randomly. Previously used for potato storage. One for milking cows..one for lumber production…housing by these places.like relics of a time passed.
      Some are repurposed…some stand lonely.


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