(017) Are You Going to Shoot Me?!?

Was in Kuressaare this afternoon.  It’s about 45 minutes from me.  Compared to where I’m staying, it’s the big city.

I was sitting outside of the library enjoying a smoke (i know…i know)…and a local guy comes up and kinda looks at me…looks away…looks at me…almost in my personal space.  Looks like he has something to say so i say “tere”…i think it means ‘hello’.  He finally says, “where are you from?”  I reply, “America”. He takes a couple steps back and exclaims, “you like guns!!” Then he does his best Pacino “say hello to my little friend” imitation, smiles and looks at me for approval.  I just look and he gets all serious…”are you going to shoot me?”

He asked again if i loved guns.  I explained that yes, a lot of Americans like their guns but unfortunately, I’m not one of them….lol.  I think this put him at ease.

He then looks beyond me…to the back of me towards the grocery store entrance.  He says quietly to me, “they are Finnish”.  I asked if their height gave them away and he looks back at me all serious and says, “no, i have an uncommon natural ability to recognize all Finnish people”

My bus was arriving so i had to leave him there.

(are you going to shoot me?)


(016) Break time

After all of that work today, I rewarded myself with a walk to the Baltic Sea.  At this location variation of the depth of the sea floor is very gradual.  I don’t know how far you can walk out into the sea, but I went pretty far in my rubber boots and it was still only ankle high!!




(015) Keepin’ busy

Like I said in Facebook, I don’t miss the 8-5 job and I actually don’t even know what day it is when I’m here, nor what time it is.  Life right now just isn’t like that.

There’s an existing post and beam structure on the site with a ‘board on board’ roof.  A few minor leaks but nothing that can’t be fixed.  There is no exterior walls all around this structure.  Just temporary plastic and tarps to keep out the driving rain.

I think it might be done raining so I started on the west wall.  Got up really early and relocated some existing boards that were on the ground.  They were filled with nails so it took some time taking all of those out.  I don’t want to step on a rusty nail.

After that I decided to start framing up the exterior walls (everything is in metric)….my studs are 100mm x 50mm.  I asked the guy at the lumber place what they space their studs at on center here in Northern Europe.  He said they use the width of the insulation. LOL.  So i found some insulation that is 565 mm wide.  Soooooo….I guess that’s how far apart the studs will be. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

The only power tool I have available to me is a little, rechargeable electric drill.  I have to use a really shitty wood saw to cut the studs to length. 😦  My little right arm is pretty sore right now and it takes *FOREVER*…

crazy…stud spacing based on insulation width. LOL
(To be fair, the guy didn’t speak English and I don’t speak Estonian…but that’s kind of what we figured out together, through a lot of drawing simple pictures and pointing around the room with our hands) LOL

Anyway, here are a couple of videos…don’t laugh, i’m an architect, not a contractor!!!




(014) The Pickiest Eater in the World

So all of my friends know how picky I am.  I could live on meat and potatoes for the rest of my life. Throw in some tacos and pizza and I’m good.

Lately (back home) I’ve been trying to cut back on fast food and eating out for dinner.  However, almost every day, Me and Corey (lunch brother) would go out to lunch.  It was sometimes difficult to pick a place because I’m so picky.

fast foward to today.

I’m eating baby moose meat for dinner. LOL.
I’m not sure if I should feel bad…how old was this “baby moose” when they decided it was time to eat him?!?  Anyway, it’s really good.

Also, this is probably weird for you….but I go to the store…buy an apple and eat it.
Here…you pick them off of the tree and eat them.  You know the book-worms? they always show worms with a little hat on them and reading glasses? Maybe a nice scarf too?  I was like…hmm…this apple came directly from a tree…I’m absolutely positive I’m going to eat a worm.  I was told “if it has worm holes, it’s a good apple….if it’s good enough for the worm, it’s good enough for you”
yes…sure…fine..but…..where did the damn worm go? I really don’t want to eat a worm!!

(sidenote…yesterday I think I was almost invited to sauna….did I already tell you guys about “SAUNA”??)
(you gotta get naked) LOL

(012) Kuressaare Castle

Parked by this guy at the home improvement store! LOL.


Decided to soup up the van…it’s really fast now.


Took a drive to Kuressaare today and checked out the castle there.
It has an interesting history.  Please check it out.

An example of modern architecture directly adjacent/attached to historical local architecture:


Once again, while walking through the town I received some funny looks.  People like me (brown) aren’t seen very often in these parts (I think).

(011) Radio Estonia!!

So…I’m old and I love my classic rock.  I don’t really use headphones or earbuds.  I left a stack of CD’s in America and really don’t know why I still have them?!?!
I’ve been here for just under a week and the radio is killing me.  It’s always a couple people speaking Estonian together.  Or one channel has problems deciding which format it is…one second is a weird Estonian cover of “Like a Rock” by Bob Seger but with their own lyrics and the next second it’s someone like Lourde (or whatever her name is).  Once, the song “All By Myself” was on this station, the music was the same but the lyrics they sang were something like “i dont’ know you…but i want to know you”…or something like that.  LOL I find myself singing along but using the familiar, original lyrics.

Also, if a song is on and it’s time for the news…it doesn’t matter if the song just started or if it’s halfway through, the news comes first so there are a few beeps on the radio and the song just stops and the news starts (see video below).

If you read my previous post, you’ll know that I bought this piece of shit van from some dude at the airport for just over 1,200 Euros. I’ve never had a van before, let alone a piece of shit van…so today I was driving down the road and this weird cover of “TEQUILA!” was on the radio…all of a sudden it started beeping. I didn’t know if the van was about to blow up or what the hell was happening!! Either way, it was at my turn off of the road so I thought I better clear out!!
I was ready to ditch the van…open the door and tuck and roll my ass outta there!!
I really thought something was gonna blow!!

LOL!!Scared the shit outta me!